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Sonia Byrne, CHRL

Conscious Business Consulting Services

"Awareness is the Catalyst to Growth"

Building Talent Capacity With Awareness

All significant, positive improvement begins with increased awareness. Leaders become better leaders when they grow their self-awareness. Employees become stronger, engaged contributors when they understand their strengths and how to leverage them in a team environment.

As a global talent management consultant, Sonia Byrne works with employees and leaders in creating the awareness that is required to support business goals.

With clients across the finance, manufacturing, distribution, franchise, retail operations and education sectors, experience has shown that aligning Talent Development initiatives with business values, goals and strategy is a recipe for success!

Coaching for Talent Building

Coaching is a collaborative process that allows participants to explore pathways to a more fulfilling work and personal life. Sessions are goal-focused and help clients develop increased self-awareness that results in improved work performance, higher employee engagement, and decreased workplace conflict.   

When aligned with your talent assessment tool, coaching becomes an even more powerful tool for personal and professional change...leading to cultural shifts and profound results in your business

Coaching sessions are available in office, via SKYPE or by telephone for clients around the world.