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Sonia Byrne, CHRL

Conscious Business Consulting Services

Clients say...

"The artistic path and the business path are two very different worlds. Sonia's strong business background makes her a valuable and important resource for any artist. Sonia can help with everything from fear of networking to business basics o complex business issues like putting in place a hiring strategy. She is a trusted resource. Her tactical business coaching will help move you past your fears and into action!"

Linda Deramaix, Owner, Art Plus US

Thank you Sonia, I had a great time at the networking event. I certainly learned a lot in a stress free environment. You made it very relaxed and enjoyable.

Cleopatra Mahabeer, CAC Bookkeeping Services

"My first encounter with Sonia left such a great impression on me that I was sure I wanted to be a part of her movement. After attending her "Compelling Vision" workshop in October 2009, I left with an empowering feeling of inspiration and motivation which as a sole proprieter is tough to find sometimes on a daily basis. Sonia has an amazing ability to integrate individual desire within a group setting. It is clear that her focus is on the client to grow personally and professionally and she executes with grace and positive intention. Thanks Sonia."

Yvette Raposo, Fitness Consultant

"Sonia comes up with great ideas for my business that I would never

think of, and she has an unwavering positive outlook on every

situation. At every individual coaching session she offers well

thought out strategies and suggestions for marketing and promoting my

company. I'm normally a DIY type entrepreneur, but I've discovered

it's essential to have someone other than your friends or family to

run ideas by and offer professional advice. Sonia is sincerely

interested in your business, and that translates into you feeling you

have an ally invested in your continued success. I put my trust into

Sonia Byrne as my business coach, and her advice and guidance have

helped my immensely."

Paul Boddum, Artist: Modern Pet Portraits

“Sonia Byrne has helped me prepare for client meetings by coming up with efficient ways to thoroughly inform and understand each client within a short period of time. What I find incredible is her ability to logically resolve any situation and come up with a simple and effective solution. After doing my own research I still had no clue what to charge my clients and Sonia helped me put this in perspective. Now I am able to validate what my services are worth without hesitation. Sonia provides a mandatory service that has helped my business evolve quicker then I ever expected”

Carolyn Thompson - Voice & Performance Coach/ Bandleader/Musician

"Thank you so much for your Networking workshop. It is one of the best presentations that we have had. Even though it was a bit longer than our allotted time, the audience was captured and I only wish that we had more time. Your energy and knowledge kept the interest high and as you confirmed encouraged a lot of questions afterward. The interactive exercise was especially a “winner” and the clients were able to take new skills away with them. Thank you for staying to speak with the clients afterward. I know that they really appreciated it. Their challenges are immense and a kind word and professional advice offer encouragement and the desire to continue their job search task."

Marilyn Curtis - Information Specialist, MicroSkills