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Sonia Byrne, CHRL

Conscious Business Consulting Services

Talent Development Solutions 

Any business is as unique as its people. As a business leader, you want a productive, engaged workforce of teams that know and understand their individual contribution to the collective team purpose.

The most common and costly mistake that businesses make is that they expect that all individual employees should contribute in the same way within their teams...exhibit the same values, motivations and expectations, approach work in the same way and hold the same expectations of their work experience. This belief system results in low employee engagement, low productivity and high turnover.

Developing talent in an organization takes a multi-level approach - with a focus on both individuals and teams to create an engaged and self-aware workforce for optimum personal and professional growth.   

Supporting Your Talent Development Initiatives With:

Development & Culture Change Support

Internal and external consulting as businesses move through changes to achieve business and project goals

Professional Development Assessments

Work style preference and psychometric assessments available to support individual employee development, change initiatives, recruitment, employment programs and team collaboration. 

Coaching Programs for Professional Growth

Individual and team coaching programs to optimize your talent development initiatives. Coaching sessions and workshops to support your business through change and growth to assist in achieving business results.  

Talent Building Workshops

Dynamic and interactive workshops customized for the needs of your business teams. Using a combination of activity, theory and self-reflection opportunities, employees put learnings into use immediately back in their workplace teams.  

Speaking Engagements

Offering a fresh take on topics present in the minds of business groups. Always relevant. Always thought-provoking.