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Upcoming Events

The Business & Branding Bootcamp

Phoenix, Arizona

March 25-27, 2022

This professional entrepreneurial bootcamp is designed to help Purpose-Led Business Practitioners get bold in your business and branding. Invest in yourself and see the results! In this three-day experience, you'll learn immediately applicable business and marketing strategies to grow your business NOW!

Join us in person!

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100 Days of Gratitude

Begins April 7, 2022

Enrich your life with the awesome practice of gratitude. This 100 day experience delves deep into the three daily practices for a more joyful life. Use the daily gratitude journal, book of meditations and program workbook to deepen your experience. The 100 Days of Gratitude program includes online weekly group sessions to accompany your personal daily practice.

Registration opens November 1, 2021

$495 + shipping cost for materials 

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The Ultimate Reset: A Mindfulness Retreat

St. Johns, Newfoundland

June 23-28, 2022

Mindfulness for Mind, Body & Spirit: June 23-25

Excursion Day: June 26

Mindful Like a Boss: June 27-28

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Mindfulness for a Crazy World

Dublin & Irish Countryside, Ireland

Coming June 2023!

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